Highlights of Past Events - 2016

[02/19/16] EACCNY Economic Update: Joint EACCNY & Reuters Newsmaker featuring the ECB’s Vìtor Constâncio

On February 19, 2016 EACC in corporation with Reuters News hosted a Newsmaker Breakfast ECB’s Vice President Vìtor Constâncio

Reuters President and Editor-in-Chief, Steve Adler, engaged Vice President Constâncio in a wide range of topics, including the ECB’s efforts to rebuild confidence after the currency union’s near collapse in 2015, the bank’s efforts to boost inflation, the euro area’s sluggish growth and the legacy of a banking crisis that could challenge the banking sector and the rest of the economy for years to come.

Mr. Constancio assured the audience that “the fundamentals are better than the markets are telling us” and that the while the global economy is facing several risk factors, there is no reason to believe it is heading into a new recession.

He urged European leaders to boost productivity and said that he believes that further integration is needed and that there is fiscal space within the Union that should be used. He also lauded the close cooperation among central banks worldwide and complimented the US Federal Reserve on having done a good job after the financial crises in 2008.

Constâncio, a former Portuguese finance minister and central bank governor, has served as the ECB’s number two since 2010, playing a key role in fulfilling ECB President Mario Draghi’s promise to do “whatever it takes” to preserve the euro and saving Greece from collapse.  A former professor of economics, Constâncio also served as Portugal’s central bank governor from 2000 to 2009 and is well known for his in-depth understanding of economic history and theory.

In case you missed the program, CLICK HERE for the full video of the program.

© Photos Reuters News

[02/23/16] EU-US Privacy Roundtable with Max Schrems, Privacy Activist & Founder of Europe v. Facebook

On February 23, 2016 EACC New York hosted a breakfast roundtable discussion on data protection and privacy related issues affecting US & EU Trade & Investment.

Maximilian Schrems together with a US and a EU Privacy expert discussed the differences between US and EU privacy laws, the ability of private citizens to have privacy rights enforced in a global market place and how the European Court of Justice’s decision in Schrems v. Data Protection Commissioner has changed how business is being conducted by entities with operations in the United States and Europe.

Maximilian Schrems is an Austrian privacy activist whose campaign against Facebook invalidated the U.S.- E.U. Safe Harbor Framework. Schrems is the founder of a group called ‘Europe v Facebook’, he has initiated two lawsuits involving Facebook alleging that U.S. companies violate European privacy laws and transfer personal data to the US National Security Agency (NSA) as part of the NSA’s PRISM programme.

A special thank you to Francois Carrel-Billiard of the European Institute at Columbia University and the generous support of the ‘Getting to Know Europe’ program of the European Union” for making this program possible.

[03/1/2016] EACCNY Newsmaker with Jyrki Katainen European Commission Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness

On March 1, 2016 the European American Chamber in New York with the support of SUNY New Paltz and the Foreign Trade Commissioners Association organised an update on the European Economy and first results of steps the Juncker Commission has taken to improve the business environment across the 28 EU member states making Europe more attractive to foreign investment.

Vice-President Katainen in conversation with Paul Solman, Business & Economics Correspondent, The PBS Newshour discussed the EU Investment Plan and how it opens up new opportunities for American investors. He also addressed the updates on relevant regulations, the deepening of the single market, and a new trade and investment regime (notably through TTIP, which will create new trade & investment opportunities for both sides).

Here is a link to the Investment Plan for EU 2016.

[06/07/16] EACCNY & Euronext Pan European Days

On June 7, 2016 Euronext, in cooperation with the European American Chamber of Commerce hosted its 4th annual pan-European days in the United States.

The program was attended by over 200 U.S. and European business executives and investors. This half-day transatlantic business forum brought together senior government officials, issuers and institutional investors.

The program outlined the EU Commissions Investment Plan for Europe, explained the confidence the EIB has in the European Economy, and examined the EIB’s plan to invest 800 billion into the EU. That discussion was followed by a panel with a select group of European finance officials and ministers on the current economic developments of the European Market.

PANELISTS included:

  • Thomas C. Barrett, Director and Chief Representative, European Investment Bank
  • Mário Centeno, Minister of Finance, Portugal
  • Johan Van Overtveldt, Minister of Finance, Belgium
  • Joop Wijn, Managing Board, ABN AMRO or Dennis Dijkstra, co-CEO, Flow Traders*
  • José Maria Ricciardi, CEO, Haitong Bank
  • Moderator: Rob Cox, Editor Breaking Views, Reuters News

This years program also featured a top-level discussion by chief economists from leading financial institutions on the investment climate and opportunities in the Eurozone in 2016 with:

  • Cristina Casalinho, Chairman & CEO, Portuguese Treasury and Debt Management Agency – IGCP
  • Miranda Carr, China Thematic Strategist, Haitong
  • Carsten Brzeski, Chief Economist Europe, ING
  • Nick Kounis, Head Macro Research, ABN AMRO
  • Michala Marcussen, Chief Economist, Societe Generale
  • Moderator: Bart van Ark, Executive Vice President, Chief Economist & Chief Strategy Officer, The Conference Board

The program concluded with an Update on European Banking Union & Capital Markets with

  • Ignazio Angeloni, Member of the Supervisory Board of the European Central Bank, Visiting Fellow at Bruegel
  • José Viñals, Financial Counselor, Director of the Monetary and Capital Markets Department, International Monetary Fund
  • Moderated by: John Bruton, Former Irish Prime Minister and Former EU Ambassador to the United States.

[07/13/2016] Briefing about the European Economic & Political State-of-play with EU Ambassador to the UN

Briefing-EU Ambassador to UN-s
EACC carolinas team

On July 13, 2016 EACC’s New York chapter in conjunction with ACG held a Briefing with EU Ambassador to the UN João Vale de Almeida.

Ambassador Vale de Almeida updated our guests on the state of the global and European economic & political state-of-play in the wake of the UK Referendum and its impact on US Investors.

Among the over 135 guests were the Executive Director and President of the new EACC Carolinas chapter, Victoria Kirby and Howard Daniel (Shareholder of Ogletree Deakins)

Photos compliments of the Society & Diplomatic Review.

[10/06/16] Exclusive Off-the-Record Briefing by the European Unions Chief Negotiator for the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership TTIP


On October 6, 2016, the European American Chamber of Commerce in New York was honored to welcome the EU Chief Negotiator, Ignacio Garcia Bercero for a discussion on the Present & Future of TTIP in the Wake of Brexit & other Election Politics.

The forthcoming 15th negotiating round of the TTIP taking place in New York at the beginning of October comes at an important moment for the negotiation: trade agreements have recently been subject to a lot of popular and political controversy on both sides of the Atlantic, and the talks are taking place against the background of a changing US administration after the November 8th elections.

Ignacio Garcia Bercero in conversation with Daniel Bases of Reuters News shared what stage the TTIP  negotiations have reached, and what can be expected for the next months. Mr. Bercero shared insights on the status of the negotiations for various sectors such as energy, food and the digital economy and the difficulties that remain for its conclusion as well as the influence that the upcoming political cycle may have on the negotiations.

This program was one in a series of TTIP related programs the EACC has been and will be hosting in support of the negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership.

To spearhead this discussion EACC has formed a network-wide special TTIP Task Force, whose mission it is to engage the European and U.S. business community in the various EACC chapter locations to generate awareness about the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the opportunities it presents to businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.

[10/28/16] EACCNY & Business France Med-tech Workshop

Every year, MedStartUp Program by the Galien Foundation & Business France encourages and rewards transatlantic partnerships in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries. More about the program here.

EACC New York designed a custom ½ day Workshop in collaboration with Business France as part of the annual MedStartUp Program.

Agenda items included:

  • Work Culture: Avoiding Culture Shock
  • Pitch like an American
  • Legal Issues to consider when entering or operating in the US market
  • Funding Resources
  • Understanding The U.S. Medtech/Biotech & Life Science Marketplace & Eco System

The presentations were followed by a moderated conversation with European med-tech & bio tech companies, that have succeeded in the United States and ended with a lunch reception at the french Consulate.

[11/07/16] Briefing & Business Dialogue with Dr. Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta

On November 7, 2016, the EACC hosted a Briefing & Business Dialogue with  Dr. Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta. Mr. Muscat was accompanied by Prof. Joe V. Bannister, Chairman, Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

The meeting focused on an update on the Maltese political & economic climate, Malta’s plans for its upcoming term of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union starting in January 2017, possible scenarios of the effects of Brexit on the EU economy and the Malta UK relationship in particular as well as on a regulatory update & preview of business opportunities in Malta’s financial services & insurance sector.

Dr. Joseph Muscat was elected Prime Minister in 2013. Before that, from 1992-1997 Dr. Joseph Muscat was a journalist and eventually Assistant Head of news with a national private radio station. He was elected member to the National Executive of the Partit Laburista at the age of 21 and later nominated as Education Secretary of the Party. From 1997 to 1998 he was a member of the National Commission for Fiscal Morality. Dr. Muscat was also a market intelligence manager and investment adviser. He successfully contested the first European Parliamentary elections in Malta in 2004. In 2006 he was the recipient of the Outstanding Young Person of the Year. In 2008 he was elected as the Leader of the Partit Laburista.

Joe V. Bannister is Chairman of the Malta Financial Services Authority, a position he has held since 1999, he also held the post of Chairman of its predecessor the Malta Financial Services Centre between 1995 and 1997.  From 1990 to 1994 he was Chairman of the Malta’s inward investment authority (Malta Development Corporation).