Brexit Working Group

Brexit Working Group

Mission & Goals

The mission of the Brexit Working Group is to educate and engage the local transatlantic business community on how the negotiations between Europe and the United Kingdom are developing and how Brexit will affect businesses across Europe and in the United States.

The working group will work with EACC Staff to plan programs about the latest developments in order to generate awareness and educate executives and transatlantic business leaders.

With the guidance of the working group, the EACCNY will inform its members and the larger business community about the United Kingdowms exit of the European Union (Brexit) and provide a platform for insights and ideas on how to address and prepare for Brexit over the course of the negotiations and beyond.

More specifically, it aims to:

  • Contribute to and participate in educational programs about Brexit related business issues.
  • Help raise the profile and visibility of the EACC and its thought-leadership on matters related to Brexit locally, nationally and internationally within the targeted business community and its larger constituency
  • Identify relevant business issues related to the UK’s exit of the European Union and how it will affect business relations between the US and the European Union
  • Inform US executives about how Brexit will change the regulatory landscape within Europe and how they in turn affect trans-Atlantic business transactions

Working Group Responsibilities

  • Meet at least quarterly as a committee to identify, plan, and implement programs and activities aligned with the EACC’s mission
  • Help identify and gain access to thought-leaders in our community to serve as speakers and panelists; Support EACC’s media and audience outreach for some of the larger events
  • Participate in annual committee leaders’ meetings and EACCNY’s strategic meeting
  • Identify prospective members within the target audience of the committee and engage them with the goal of getting them involved with the EACC
  • Engage in a regular discourse with the EACC Staff and program committee to help identify relevant topics, regulatory and legislative changes and business matters that could affect international business relations
  • Initiate a dialogue with relevant subject matter experts who can share their knowledge and present at EACC seminars

Topics we will be addressing

  • The Brexit process, its timeline and possible scenarios for a post-Brexit EU
  • Regulatory challenges negotiators will face in Europe, Britain as they redefine Britain’s relationship with Europe and the United States
  • Challenges as they relate to Labor/HR and immigration to and from the European Union and Britain as well as resulting changes to the US/Britain agreements
  • Effects on Manufacturers and their Supply Chain management
  • Trade among the European Union, Britain, and the United States
  • Licensing and Product Regulation
  • Tax, Accounting, & Legal Challenges for companies operating in Britain and the Continent
  • The Future of the British Banking & Financial Services
  • Mergers & Acquisitions among American, British, and EU companies operating in all three jurisdictions
  • Mutual standards recognition agreements/certification agreements among the three jurisdictions (the divergence of UK law as Europe develops other trade relationships)

This list will be amended as negotiations are carried out and adjusted based on new developments


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Brexit has arrived: Where are we now? What happens next?

The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union on 1 February 2020. The two sides are now negotiating what form future relations will take. Here is the most important information. What has happened since 1 February 2020? A Withdrawal Agreement was negotiated before the UK left the EU in order to ensure that the main political and economic links between the EU and the UK were not severed from one day to the next upon departure. This Agreement has been in...

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Statement by Michel Barnier following Round 8 of negotiations for a new partnership between the European Union and the United Kingdom

London, September 10 | By Michel Barnier The eighth round of negotiations on the future EU-UK partnership took place in London this week. The EU remains committed to an ambitious future partnership with the UK. This would clearly be to the benefit of both sides. Nobody should underestimate the practical, economic and social consequences of a “no deal” scenario. In order to maximise the chances of a deal, the EU has shown flexibility to work around the UK's red lines and find solutions...

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John Bruton | We need a full strength team on the pitch as Brexit reaches the endgame

It is increasingly likely that, unless things change, on 1 January 2021, we will have a no deal Brexit. The only agreement between the EU and the UK would then be the already ratified Withdrawal Agreement. There are only 50 working days left in which to make a broader agreement. The consequences of a failure to do so for Ireland will be as profound, and even as  long lasting, that those of Covid 19. A failure to reach an EU/UK Agreement...

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Brexit Working Group - Committee Members

Tony Dunne
US Country Manager

Rachel Brandenburger
Senior Advisor

Clair L Smith
SR Business Development Manager

The Future is Europe

Steve Goewey
Associate Relationship Manager

Peter Walker

Maria McElhinney Headshot

Maria McElhinney
Finance Partner

Anthony Zobl
Director, Int’l. Regulatory & Government Affairs