Brexit Guide

The United Kingdom (UK) will leave the European Union (EU) on 29 March 2019. Leaving the EU means a number of changes that will affect businesses and individual citizens. Use the link below to find more information on how to prepare and the steps you may need to take.

Prepare for EU Exit. Resources provided by HM Government

Citizens’ rights

EU27 Member States measures on residence rights of legally residing UK nationals and social security entitlements related to the UK in case of no deal. European Commission overview of residency rights in the EU27 Member States.

Direct links to National Brexit information in Member States websites.

Relevant UK Government Position Papers

The United Kingdom’s Long Term Economic Analysis on Britain’s Exit of the European Union

Political declaration setting out the framework for the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom

Joint report on progress during phase 1 of negotiations under Article 50 TEU on the UK’s orderly withdrawal from the EU

Future Customs Union

North Ireland and Ireland

Continuity in the availability of goods for the EU and UK – position paper

Confidentiality and access to documents

Nuclear Materials and Safeguards Issues

Customs Bill: legislating for the UK’s future customs, VAT and excise regimes

UK publishes Brexit white paper: Theresa May’s government will ask the EU for an ‘association agreement’ including a free-trade area for goods.

Chequers Agreement: The Future Relationship between The United Kingdom And The European Union

Prepare your business for the UK leaving the EU:  find out what your business may need to do to prepare for the UK leaving the EU, what’s changing in your industry and relevant information on specific rules and regulations

EU COMMISSION: Negotiating documents on Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom

All documents published as part of the European Commission’s approach to transparency on Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom can be accessed here.

Michel Barnier’s Presentation Slide Deck for the European American Chamber of Commerce – July 10, 2018

Brexit Timelines & Important Dates

Brexit Timeline: Recent relevant dates & important miles stone coming up

Member Analysis and Thought Leadership

Insights on Brexit compiled by EACC members can be reviewed here