TTIP Resources

Below is a selection of resources and additional information related to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

TTIP – A Top Transatlantic Priority
EU and U.S. negotiators engaged in their 13th TTIP round at the end of April…two years after the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks were launched. If you would like an overview of what TTIP is all about and its importance to transatlantic relations, check out our updated brochure: TTIP: Benefits and Challenges of an Agreement Fit for the 21st Century. Download the latest brochure on TTIP here.

EU Policies
Ever wish you had a brief and simple primer on EU policies? We’ve just launched EU Matters, a series of concise overviews of specific EU policy areas. Our first issue highlights EU trade policy-key to jobs and growth at home and abroad. Read more

The Top 10 Myths About TTIP | Separating Fact from fiction
With the next round (12th round) of TTIP negotiations just around the corner, media coverage on TTIP will be plenty. In order for you to be able to separate the myths from the facts, check out this great, concise summary by the European Commission.  The Top 10 Myths About TTIP.

TTIP Opportunities in the United States by State
TTIP will be an ambitious, comprehensive, and high-standard trade and investment agreement that offers significant benefits in terms of promoting U.S. international competitiveness, jobs, and growth. This ambitious trade and investment agreement will aim to boost economic growth in the United States and the EU and add to more than 13 million American and EU jobs already supported by transatlantic trade and investment. To see how the TTIP can benefit your state, click here.

Geographical Indications (GIs) Why they Matter to YOU!
The EU has a rich history of local and specialized agricultural production.  Many famous European products are closely linked to their place of origin: Parma Ham, Roquefort cheese, or Champagne, to name just a few. As a result, Geographical Indications (GIs)—forms of identification that certify that a product has originated in a region or locality in a particular country—are a very important part of EU policy.

TTIP: Big Opportunities for Small Business
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in both the United States and European Union stand to gain significantly from the implementation of an ambitious Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership.
EACCNY is a supporting partner of the Atlantic Council on this project.

TTIP Explained in a Chapter By Chapter Guide
What is really inside the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership? The European Commission’s Trade Department brings you everything that is in it in this TTIP Guide

The United States of Trade
The Office of the United States Trade Representative have put together a booklet highlighting the importance of international trade while speaking to the companies who have benefitted from accessing a global market.
The booklet – The United States of Trade– can be downloaded here.

TTIP and the EU Member States
A  Study sponsored by AmChamEU and led by the World Trade Institute brings together the expertise of prominent academics from across Europe to assess what a transatlantic free trade agreement will mean for EU countries. It concludes that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is likely to bring a range of economic and social benefits to business, consumers and citizens across the EU. Download a copy of the study here.

The US President’s Trade Agenda: President Obama published the 2016 US trade agenda, listing the congressional passage of the Transpacific Partnership as the top priority. In addition, President Obama emphasized that he is committed to concluding an ambitious TTIP in 2016. Together, the TPP and TTIP will help s upport jobs and strengthen America’s Middle Class, promote US values, shape the global economy, and spur sustainable and inclusive growth. (Download the Trade Agenda here)

EACC’s Chapter-wide TTIP Task Force
The European American Chamber of Commerce has established a chapter-wide TTIP Task Force. The mission of our TTIP Task Force is to engage the European and U.S. business community in the various EACC chapter locations to generate awareness about the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the opportunities it presents to businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.  More here

Why International Trade is good for the EU
TTIP seeks to further reduce barriers to international trade with the United States and promote SME export growth on both sides of the Atlantic. To learn more about how valuable international trade is for the European economy, look the European Commission’s detailed infographic here.

EU negotiating texts in TTIP are open to the Public
The European Commission is negotiating TTIP as openly as possible. All finalized documents can be viewed here. Documents and fact sheets are updated as they become available. This includes documents related to all of the 24 chapters, which are grouped in three parts:
• Market access
• Regulatory cooperation
• Rules