On November 17th, 2016 EACC New York in cooperation with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs UNDESA, OECD and the World Bank organised a high-level dialog on Infrastructure & Energy Projects Financing.
The program was a follow up of the discussion started during the half-day Multi-Stakeholder Leadership Workshop in support of the United Nations “Financing for Development Process” held last May also in New York.

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Topics address during this discussion will included:
• What can be done systematically to support the financing of energy & infrastructure projects by policy makers, institutional investors and the private sector
Challenges involved in addressing the widening infrastructure gap, what is being done so far
> Challenges developed countries are facing and challenges developing countries need to deal with
> Development/reform of Capital Markets
> Regulatory challenges (compliance/FCPA)
> Taxation Policies (best practices from around the world)
• Established best practice examples / Recommendations for new policies, guidelines
> Accountability, Risk assessment, Insurance & Risk Mitigation (de-risking Strategies)
> Key characteristics of successful projects / characteristics of failed projects (take-aways)
 • Innovative Financing Vehicles / New Financing Models
> Standards for infrastructure lending (and monitoring)
> Integration of local capacities & SME’s Financing (for projects)
• Role of PPP’s / Changed landscape of PPP’s
> Energy strategy overall: Long-term/short-term, role of subsidies
> How to develop a set of global guidelines for PPP’s (ref. UN DESA working paper No. 148)
> Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships
• What needs to change?
3 Concrete recommendations put forth by each panelist and the role of the institution the panelist is representing can play in driving change

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• Jón Blöndal, Head of Budgeting & Public Expenditures, OECD
• Jeetu Balchandani, Head of North America Infrastructure Debt, BLACKROCK
Carlota Cenalmor, Deputy Head of Representative Office, EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK (EIB)
• Tara Higgins, Partner, Energy & Infrastructure, ORRICK (Moderator)
Bernardo Goarmon, Executive Vice President Finance, EDP RENEWABLES
Scuriatti, Adviser to Mahmoud Mohieldin, Sr. Vice President for the 2030 Agenda, THE WORLD BANK GROUP
David Nason,
Mike Parker
, Infrastructure Advisory Leader, EY
Marc Powell
, Principal, Capital Projects and Infrastructure, PwC
John Pollock
, Managing Director, Head of Global Project Finance, AIG GLOBAL INVESTMENT GROUP
Krishnan Sharma, Senior Economist Financing for Development, UN DESA
 Shari Spiegel,
Chief Policy Analysis & Development Branch Financing for Development Office, UN DESA