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A Different Business Culture: Optimize Your Career and Your Business in the U.S.

Thu. April 02, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Join us for this information packed webinar on how to ensure that your employees, and with them your brand, feel at home in a new market.

One million dollars - That is what it costs to initiate a corporate relocation for a single employee today. If you want to launch and market your brand in a new country, the costs can well exceed that. Getting it right depends on many factors, among them how well your employees communicate in an unfamiliar environment and how they are perceived by their business partners and clients.

Whether you are about to send an employee into the fray of developing international business or you are a multinational executive launching your brand into a new market for the first time, this is the webinar for you.

Cameron Heffernan is Director of North America for Mach Media, a full-service agency that creates effective marketing and communications strategies for multinational companies, and Dr. Justin Velten, Co-Founder and CEO of Go Culture International, a scalable solution for expat assessment and relocation prep, are teaming up to share insights and ideas you can implement right away.

Common relocation missteps put the expat failure rate at 50%. This session will reveal best practices to optimize the chances for expats. We’ll also explore how to steer away from global brand “fails” in new markets that can put companies in the news for the wrong reasons.

Europe and the U.S. are both “western culture”, and “first world” based on many superficial similarities, but there are actually some important underlying differences between the two. Learn how to avoid awkward, even unprofessional, interactions while working as a foreigner in the U.S. Our communication and coaching experts will share how to effectively collaborate and connect with Americans when doing business in the U.S.

Learning Outcomes

Over Here: Cultural Translation
● Avoiding “Copy/Paste” localization
● Recreating Your European Brand Story for a US Market
● What’s Working and What Isn’t (Measurement and KPIs)

Ensuring Employee Success Abroad in 2020
● Frequent Flyers: Early Career and Rerun Expats
● Personal Touch without Personal Interaction
● Help Beyond a Google Search

If you are a foreigner doing business in the U.S. and if you feel you don’t exactly know how to gauge the actions, feelings, or intentions of Americans, this webinar is for you.

Justin Velten, PhD, President, GO CULTURE INTERNATIONAL
Cameron Heffernan, Director, North America, MACH MEDIA


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