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Fairness Opinions: A Guide for Selecting a Provider

In recent years, fairness opinions have played an increasingly important role in M&A and related corporate transactions, providing critical information and helping to support a board’s decision of whether to move forward (or not) with a transaction.

The number and type of providers offering financial opinions has also grown significantly to include a broad range of investment banks, independent business appraisers, accounting firms, and consulting firms. Sorting through the range of providers is only one of the many factors contributing to the challenges companies and their boards face in selecting a fairness opinion provider.

This guide equips decision-makers with the critical information they need when tasked with selecting a fairness opinion provider, including:

  • Considerations for assessing capabilities
  • Questions to ask potential providers
  • Best practices for engaging a fairness opinion provider

Compliments of Stout, a member of the EACCNY