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The Future of Travel

During these last days of summer, as many are preparing to take a few days of vacation, we’ve decided  to devote this issue to vacation tech.

How to Travel Comfortably

Released last month, VITL is the first active cooling backpack for the fellow sweaty-back syndrome sufferers, designed for the spontaneous traveler and the everyday commuter.
The cooling system uses an ultra-silent fan that doesn’t weigh down the bag or affect its sturdy build. The pack comes in two different styles that can be swapped to fit the day’s plans.
What to Pack
Imagine if your sunglasses could take pictures. Imagine if you could walk on the beach and your friends online could see everything you see, at the same time. And imagine if you could do all of this with just your voice.

Trendloader’s Alpha Smart Sunglasses look like an ordinary, stylish pair of sunglasses. But they are changing the way we vacation. And the way we experience reality.

What to Download
Behind all the perfect Instagram photos, group traveling can be messy with scheduling, decision-making, and sorting out finances. As the world turns more wireless, these new apps can make planning group vacations easier. TripIt is an itinerary type app for creating master itineraries from hotel, flight, and car rental information that lets users share it with other members of the group. Splitter or Splitwise can track and split expenses in multiple currencies. Finally, Doodle allows users to create online polls to determine availability and future travel dates for your next trip.

Where to Go Without Going Anywhere
At Esqapes, you can experience a relaxing vacation without traveling. The experience is completely immersive; it stimulates all the senses using VR headsets, fans, heat lamps, and even scents, all regulated by a computer program. The digital spas are currently in Los Angeles, CA. 

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