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Vulcan Insight Analysis of the Latest EU Developments 02 – 06 December 2019

Tories on course to defeat Labour 

With less than a week to go to polling day, the UK’s political parties tried to avoid any last minute missteps this week. Voters are stuck between a rock and a hard place as Prime Minister Johnson is leading the most unpopular new government on record, and Jeremy Corbyn the most unpopular leader of the opposition. While Labour continue to gain ground, the Conservatives are still holding a comfortable lead, with electoral predictions putting them at a 28-seat majority. Keep reading.

Transatlantic trade tensions continue

This week’s trade clash between the U.S. and France has further complicated and potentially jeopardised the future transatlantic trade relationship. In August, both countries forged a 90-day truce on trade disputes to allow multinational tax negotiations take place by the OECD. The international efforts aim to reach a worldwide agreement on global digital tax by January 2020. Keep reading.

Stalemate over Syria persists

As NATO leaders gathered in London for a two-day Summit to mark the 70th anniversary of the alliance, tensions were already running high after President Macron declared NATO ‘brain dead’ over the lack of Turkish cooperation with the rest of NATO over its decision to invade the Kurdish territories in Syria. Keep reading
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