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Are Europeans Ready for Artificial Intelligence Up Close and Personal?

Eurobarometer Survey on Autonomous Systems 

Drones delivering packages, driverless cars, robots vacuuming your house: these high tech devices already exist. The question is whether all members of society are ready to live alongside them and their artificial intelligence.

A recent Eurobarometer Survey on “Autonomous Systems” took a sampling of Europeans’ opinions on how they feel about these new technological developments…from a consumer’s perspective.

A majority of respondents agreed that civil drones are an efficient way of transporting and delivering goods, but two-thirds worry that they are a threat to privacy. A majority of Europeans polled are uncomfortable with the idea of traveling in a driverless car. Twenty percent of those surveyed would consider purchasing a robot for their homes, another 10 percent might do so in more than five years, but 70 percent would not consider equipping their home with a robot in the future.