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Strasbourg Plenary Highlights: Brexit Priorities, Medical Devices, Car Emissions

MEPs overwhelmingly approved a resolution setting out European Parliament’s priorities for the negotiations concerning the UK’s withdrawal from the EU during this week’s plenary session in Strasbourg. In addition MEPs urged European authorities to establish new checks to prevent car emissions fraud and also approved stricter rules to ensure the safety of medical devices as well as plans to enable more flexibility regarding the EU’s long-term budget.


Any Brexit agreement will require Parliament’s approval before it can enter into force. On Wednesday MEPs adopted a resolution setting out Parliament’s red lines for the coming talks, including equal treatment for EU citizens living in the UK and British citizens living in the EU, support for the peace process in Northern Ireland and the need to avoid a hard border with the Republic of Ireland. Read more about it in our top story.


Measures are urgently needed to manage the unprecedented numbers of migrants worldwide and to prevent migrants dying whilst crossing the Mediterranean, MEPs stressed in a resolution adopted on Wednesday.

EU’s long-term budget

MEPs backed on Wednesday plans for greater flexibility when it comes to the EU’s long-term budget to help tackle unforeseen challenges such as terrorism, natural disasters and the migration crisis.

Medical devices

Stricter rules to ensure that medical devices such as breast or hip implants are traceable and comply with EU patient safety requirements were given Parliament’s seal of approval on Wednesday. MEPs also approved laws to tighten up information and ethical requirements for diagnostic medical devices. Find out more in our Facebook Live interview.

Car emissions

MEPs called on the European Commission and EU countries to improve checks on car manufacturers and close legal loopholes to prevent future cheating in car emissions tests, in a resolution adopted on Tuesday.

EU aid for UK

On Wednesday MEPs approved €60 million in EU aid to help the UK fix the damage caused by flooding in 2016.

Palm oil

The EU should introduce a single certification scheme for palm oil and phase out the use of vegetable oil in biofuels, MEPs said in a resolution adopted on Tuesday. Unsustainable palm oil production has led to deforestation and habitats being destroyed.


MEPs removed the last hurdle in the way of full abolition of roaming charges in a vote on Tuesday. The abolition of roaming charges across the EU is scheduled for 15 June.


Privacy Shield, an EU-US agreement on data transfers for commercial purposes, should respect EU personal data protection laws and new data protection rules, MEPs said in a resolution approved on Thursday.

Hate speech and fake news

MEPS expressed their concern on Wednesday about the spread of hate speech and fake news, particularly on social media. They called on internet companies to step up efforts to remove false and offensive content quickly, however some MEPs warned it could amount to censorship.

German President

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier made a passionate plea in favour of the EU during a speech in plenary. “It’s up to us to ensure the European dream is passed on to the next generation,” he said.

Ukraine visa waiver

MEPs approved visa exemption for Ukrainians for short trips to all EU countries except Ireland and the UK on Thursday

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