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EU Public Opinion Survey: Strong Support for Europe’s Growth Strategy

According to the latest Eurobarometer survey, Europeans broadly support the initiatives for growth, stability and jobs put forward by the European Union.

As member states implement reforms, it is encouraging that citizens approve of the level of ambition under the EU’s growth strategy (Europe 2020).

The modernization of labor markets, creation of jobs, helping the poor and socially excluded, and supporting an economy that uses less natural resources are seen among the top priorities.

The Spring 2012 Eurobarometer, the bi-annual opinion poll organized by the European Commission, also shows that 40 percent of Europeans think the EU is heading in the right direction (up by 2 percentage points) to emerge from the crisis and face new global challenges.

Although there are significant variations between EU member countries and views on the situation of national economies differ widely, there is evidence that Europeans are becoming less pessimistic.More people are saying that the worst of the crisis is behind us.

More than 8 out of 10 Europeans think EU member states should work more closely together as a result of the crisis and more than half believe the EU will emerge stronger in the long term. Alongside national governments, citizens see the EU as the most effective actor in tackling the effects of the economic crisis.