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Granito Thanks Sole24Ore for Promoting Inclusive Leadership

EACC New york Member GRANITO is honored to have been recognized in Monday’s Sole24Ore newspaper’s special magazine insert dedicated to “Woman, Economy and Power”.

We are pleased that a global publication has recognized the extraordinary efforts being made to advance the placement of women in the “C” level of major corporations, and Sole24Ore’s decision to recognize this accomplishment by publishing a special 63 page insert dedicated to recognizing the talents and accomplishments of businesswomen, led by the efforts of  Hon. Lella Golfo, President of Fondazione Bellisario.

The  Sole24Ore magazine gives visibility to the most important global initiative to promote equality of gender and women leadership, according to the principle of “Same and Same”, reinforced by GRANITO’s CEO during her speech at the recent Foundation symposium.

GRANITO welcomes all women to be players in the business world,  and to grow globally with them in 2013.