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Statement by EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström on the European Parliament’s vote on the TTIP resolution

Today’s vote in Parliament establishes a strong and forward-looking political platform as we continue our TTIP negotiations. That’s my urgent task in the months ahead, and it’s clear from today’s vote that only an ambitious, comprehensive and balanced agreement which demonstrably delivers jobs and growth in Europe will obtain democratic backing. That is what I am seeking with our US partners.

What today’s vote also signals is that the old system of investor-state dispute settlement should not and cannot be reproduced in TTIP – Parliament’s call today for a “new system” must be heard, and it will be. I presented to Parliament far-reaching reform ideas in May. I will now press ahead to flesh these out, and transform them into legal proposals, so that these further reforms can be incorporated into Europe’s proposals for TTIP.

I strongly welcome the democratic debate which has taken place, covering all areas of this key negotiation – it has highlighted the major new opportunities TTIP could deliver for the European economy. I hope the debate has also clarified some of the things TTIP will not do: TTIP will not in any way affect EU public services, nor will it in any way undermine the power of EU or national Parliaments. And it will certainly not undercut core EU legislation in areas such as food safety or environmental protection. These fears are unfounded. TTIP is about delivering quality jobs and high standards, and about building a partnership that allows Europe to be a shaper of globalisation, not its passive observer.

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